Assessment onAcceptability of Sizzling Sardines


  • Kinrick Ryan Valenzuela
  • Johnmar Rodriguez
  • Rjess Steven Guzman
  • John Marlou Calades
  • Rjay Dela Cruz
  • Jessther Abesia
  • Nawal Amir
  • Alice Lim Tolato


sizzling sardines


Sardine or pilchards are common names used to refer to various small, oily forage smells in the herring family Clupeidae. The term “sardine” was first used in English during the early 15th century and may come from the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, around which sardines were once abundant. Sisig is a Filipino dish that is made from parts of pig head and chicken liver. Sisig is usually seasoned with calamansi, onions, and chili peppers. Sisig was first mentioned in a Kapampangan dictionary in the 17th century, which means“to snack on something sour” and “salad.”We chose this product because of the price because sizzling sisig is costly. We wanted to make a more affordable variant.Sardines havevitamin B12and protein. It also has fewer calories. Sardines sisig is easy to cook. The technique used here was the survey method, and the instrument used to gather information was a questionnaire. The researchers used the survey method. The data were gathered by asking questions to the respondents who are involved in this study. This study used an experimental research design. A simple random sampling method was used to select the respondents. The researchers surveyed 50Grade 12 Home Economics(HE) Strandstudents and HE teachers. The results indicated that the weighted meanfor students was3.20, which indicated that the product was highly accepted, and the weighted mean for faculty teachers was3.91, which indicated that the product was highly accepted. The faculty teachers said that they like the variables taste, aroma, nutritional value, competitiveness,and presentation that we used to assess the acceptability of our product. The researchers made this product to introduce a new type of sisig for health-conscious customers. The researchers hope that this study will be used as references by future researchers. Hence, sizzling sardines can compete with other products because of their affordable price.



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