Acceptability of Squash Pandesal


  • Micaella Stella
  • Trisha Trinidad
  • Asha Polinga
  • Alice Lim Tolato, MS MATH-ED


delicious, pandesal, squash


One of the Filipinos’ specialties is to prepare nutritious food because they put importance on nutritional value to furnish their body with adequate nourishment for the growth, maintenance, and repair of their cells and tissues. Healthbenefitsarean outweighing factor in selecting a nutritionally adequate diet and an indication not only in the physical state of an individual but also in his general attitude toward work, play, and life itself. Squash (karbasa in Hiligaynon, kalabasain Filipino)belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae of the gourd family. It is a tender tendril-bearing and vine-like plant that is regarded as one of the tastiest vegetables. Studies have been made on baking pandesal with a mixture of a variety of ingredients but not with squash. In small populations and often in large ones, such sampling is typically done without replacement, that is, one deliberately avoids choosing any member of the population more than once. Although simple random sampling can be conducted with replacement instead, this is less common and would normally be described more fully as simple random sampling with replacement. Sampling done without replacement is no longer independent but still satisfies exchangeability; hence, many results are still held valuable. For a small sample from a large population, sampling without replacement is approximately the same as sampling with replacement because the probability of choosing the same individual twice is low. We conducted a study to determine the acceptability of squash pandesal. We used random sampling and fishbowl methods to know the sector and people that we used to survey. We created survey questionnaires and gave them to the respondents to collect information. We collected the results and placed them together to compute them. Pandesal is well-liked by Filipinos, young and old alike, regardless of the flavors. It is most commonly served hot and may be eaten as is or dipped in coffee, hot chocolate, or milk. It can also be complemented with butter, margarine, cheese, jam, peanut butter, chocolate spread, or other fillings such as eggs, sardines, and meat. Based on our survey, 99% of the respondents left have good comments about the product, while1% of the respondents had bad comments.



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