Acceptability Level of Ipomoea Batatas Milk Tea


  • Salleaowen Ambrosio
  • Fredirick Cardenas
  • Michelle Delacruz
  • Joriz Magsino
  • Rosemarie Tuballas
  • Paul Vincent Quinto, LPT


ipomoea batatas


Milk tea is increasingly becoming a popular beverage and a type of food business here in the Philippines and other countries. However, it is only one of the products that can be made by using Ipomoea batatas(sweet potato). Sweet potato is a versatile and delicious vegetable that possesses high organic process value. It is also a valuable plant with anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, and anti-inflammatory effects. Sweet potato is currently a valuable supply of distinctive natural products that are utilized as medicine against numerous diseases and in creating industrial products, such as talbos ng kamote, which is also known as sweet potato leaves or camote tops. Sweet potato is a warm-season crop that is extensively cultivated in the Philippines. Its roots are high in calories and vitamin A, and the leafy tops are eaten as vegetables. The tops, especially purplish ones, are used by people with diabetes, and the crushed leaves are applied to boils and acne. The health benefits of sweet potato include vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, and phosphorus. The methods used in this study were experimental research design, survey questionnaire, and simple random sampling technique. A survey questionnaire was used here as the instrument to gather information from the respondents. A simple random sampling was used here to select respondents. The results showed that the overall weighted means were 4.06 and 4.34 in terms of taste, aroma, nutritional value, and presentation, which had the same verbal interpretation of strongly agree. Hence, the difference between the assessment of the two groups is not significant. Therefore, our research study and product were good. Many people do not like to eat vegetables, and they are most likely to drink milk tea. Thus, they will likely drink sweet potato milk tea because it does not taste like vegetables and is healthy. Future researchers should improve our product if they going to have the same research by using this research as a reference.



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