Importance of Aratiles/Jamaican Berry to Innovate Milk Tea Flavor


  • Meero Figuracion
  • Ronjean Andres
  • Melvin Bardon
  • Mary Grace Edralin
  • Mary Grace Quintana
  • Paul Vincent Quinto, LPT


aratiles, Jamaican berry


The researchers came up with a unique idea to make milk tea with the flavor of aratiles/Jamaican berry because it was packed with nutrients. Aratiles/Jamaican berry contains organic compounds, such ascytotoxic flavonoids(have anticancer properties), ulcer genic compounds (have anti-ulcer properties), methanol extracts (anti-microbial properties), antispasmodic compounds(used to treat spasms), and anthocyanin flavonoid and polyphenol (used to cure diabetes). Milk tea is one of the most trending products in the Philippines. In other countries, there are many milk tea branches and franchises anywhere. Given its popularity, many milk tea drinkers even post it on social media before drinking it. Therefore, we decided to develop an innovative product that will show the importance of aratiles/Jamaican berry that can be developed in further research. In this study, the researchers used an experimental research design that uses a scientific approach to develop new food flavors. The researchers used simple random sampling to collect data. It is a subset of the population in which any member of the population has an equal probability of being chosen, and it is an unbiased representation of the group. Based on the assessment of the students, they very strongly agreed with the presented variables in the study based on the overall weighted mean. Meanwhile, in the assessment of teachers based on the presented variables, they strongly agreed. Hence, the difference between the assessment of the two groups of respondents based on the presented variables is significant. In making an innovative product, some factors, such as the uniqueness of the product, the edibility of the main ingredient, and the nutrition that the consumer can get, should be considered. We suggested that future researchers should study the same kind of product that we made. Aratiles/Jamaican berry can be a versatile ingredient in any dish.



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Figuracion, M. ., Andres, R. ., Bardon, M. ., Edralin, M. G. ., Quintana, M. G. ., & Quinto, LPT, P. V. . (2020). Importance of Aratiles/Jamaican Berry to Innovate Milk Tea Flavor. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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