Effectiveness of Emergency Response Team in Rodriguez Municipal Jail


  • Herald Angelo Bertillos
  • Jose Rian Billones
  • Manuel Gajutos
  • Catalino Ibarra
  • Jhay Vergara
  • Dr. Riando Mosqueda, Ph.D.


emergency, response, team


Everyone should be prepared for any emergency. In a prison setting, the emergency response team (ERT) is the well-trained team that is always ready to respond during emergencies. The team assists casualties and evacuate individuals or people that are suffering from such situations or occurrences in jail. This team is flexible, holistic, and can extend the life of victims by using their systematic life support training. The ERT can handle situations even in the hardest kind of disaster/s. The team should be the fastest unit to respond to such a disaster/situation and are trained to solve it quickly. The ERT is composed of medical professionals who are focused on ensuring health and safety with the help of jail officers and persons deprived of liberty (PDLs). The effectiveness of the safety execution depends onthe coordination of the personnel and the PDLs with the ERT during emergencies. This research used a qualitative method to study every detail or information about the correctional emergency response team. The researchers used a random sampling method in choosing the respondents. A total of 10 of the respondents were chosen from the personnel, while the other 10 were from the PDLs. It is a subset of a statistical population in which each member of the subset has an equal probability of being chosen. The findings showed that the highest percentages of respondents were male Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) officers and PDLs with 95%. The age bracket of 36–45 years old achieved 55%, while the civil status of single garnered 75%. In terms of educational attainment, the college level achieved 75%. The respondents strongly agreed that the emergency response team is effective during the emergency response in terms of personnel, training, and equipment. The respondents strongly agreed that in terms of the behavior of the PDLs, the most challenging and hardest experience for ERT was with self-harming PDL. The respondents strongly agreed that being physically trained and responsible for coordination with other teams are the best characteristics of an effective ERT. The purpose of this study was to assist the BJMP and DILG to use precautionary measures for the ERT in Rodriguez Municipal Jail for the safety of the jail officers and PDLs



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