Lifestyle and Role Identity of Student-Parents to their Children: Toward an Emerging Guide


  • Nikolai Lenon
  • Christine Antoinette Nidea
  • Zailyn Mea Engayas
  • Jc Red Castro
  • Decey Escalante


student, parent, children, lifestyle, psychology, role identity


According to Trade Union Congress 2016, 13.9 million Filipino students are parents. Hence, the student-parent has to give up on her education to give way for the baby. Student-parent has to suffer to the same amount of responsibility as a student-parent in the family. This study analyzed the situation of student-parents according to their lifestyles, roles, and challenges they encountered and how they address such issues. The study utilized the descriptive method mixed with qualitative techniques in collecting information. The respondents of the study were composed of 10 Psychology students at Bestlink College of the Philippines. Each selected student is a parent to qualify to be a respondent in the study. Our results showed the lifestyles and roles of student-parents, including discipline their children and doing household chores. Additionally, the problem the student-parents have encountered include financial problems and time management. This study emphasized the situation of student-parents. We also created a guide to improving the lifestyle and roles of the student-parents. We also suggested that students should not have a child while still studying.



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Lenon, N. ., Nidea, C. A. ., Engayas, Z. M. ., Castro, J. R. ., & Escalante, D. . (2020). Lifestyle and Role Identity of Student-Parents to their Children: Toward an Emerging Guide. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from