Front Office Management System


  • Sherimie Ponce
  • Cyrhyl Anne Valle
  • Anthony Jay Torcino
  • Darwin Cadiente
  • Shaina Pallar
  • Rinrin Prado


systematic flow


The hotel and restaurant management system are all about managing a business in the hospitality industry that provides high-quality customer service and works with the employees to provide a smoothly functioning system, which also deals with the systematic flow of hotels and restaurants. It pictures out the step-by-step process of every department. The proponents interviewed the company to know the business plan and how to operate the whole process. As the face and voice of hotel management, the Front Office Department should fulfill its main goal and purpose. This department provides all the wants and needs of the guest inside or outside without violating the policies and regulations of the hotel. The Front Office Department is the first and the last point of the contract of the guest within the hotel. However, the Front Office Department had gradually adapted to this new generation, lacking in the agility that is required to adapt to today’s business and market needs. Some factors such as evolving customer expectations, reaching their highest satisfaction, following new policies and regulations, and the need to enter the new geographies or launch new products require the hotels to have flexible systems that can continually adapt and support their evolving business needs. This study found a way to developand enhance the need requirements, security issues, the role of employees, credentials, and the risk of the software capability to meet the client’s expectations. The method used in building the system was agile methodology. The scrum team planned and analyzed the problem of the existing business process and provided a system that consisted of solutions and tested it out to look for a possible bug that is keeping its standard. The outcome of this project was connected to different management modules of core 2, such as Reservation and Booking (to view the guest online reservation transaction), Room Facilities (to manage the room availability), Billing (to monitor the guest’s bills), and Event and Marketing Management (to promote the hotel). The flow of this system was getting faster. This study may help people in the academe and other researchers to explore the challenges and face new conflicts within the country. It will also help the hotel practitioners to concentrate on this challenging area to have a better implementation of core hotel software in the future.



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