Impact of Work Immersion on Career Path of Selected Grade 12 General Academic Strand Students of Bestlink College of the Philippines


  • Anna Marie Secuya
  • Mariel Mae Dela Cruz
  • Kate Miguel
  • Jay Mark Suarez
  • Lowell Suyat
  • Geovannie Bernales Jr.


work immersion, career path, career decision


The Philippine Educational System has been developed to provide the learners the best. It happened the moment they changed the curriculum system from the basic form to the K-12 curriculum. On July 05, 2017, the Department of Education (DepEd) released the guidelines to conduct Work Immersion Activities for the Senior High School curriculum. It consists of 80 hours of hands-on experiences or work simulation that Grade 11 and 12 students will undergo to expose them to the actual workplace setting and enrich the competencies provided by the school under the supervision of the school head and the designated personnel of the partner institutions. Work Immersion will help the students to know what course they want to take in college. Work Immersion can be seen as giving the students a way to improve themselves by experiencing real work simulation. The researcher conducted this study to determine the impact of Work Immersion on the career path of selectedGrade 12 General Academic Strand students of Bestlink Collegeof the Philippines. This quantitative descriptive-analytical study involved 50 students and 2 Work Immersion teachers of Bestlink College of the Philippines who were selected through purposive sampling. Data were collected by a valid and reliable questionnaire. With the overall weighted means of 3.79 from Work Immersion teachers and 3.65 from the students, both groups strongly agreed that choosing a career path, gaining competencies, and gaining experiences are the impacts of Work Immersion on the career path of students. Based on the findings of the study, the following conclusions were drawn. Students who are having a hard time deciding their career path can use their gained experiences and competencies during their Work Immersion as a basis of their evaluation on their career decision making to get more satisfied in their future courses. Students must assess their capacity in working to help them easily decide their career path. Students must apply the work ethics that they have learned from their Work Immersion teachers and workplace. Lastly, students must develop their character while undergoing Work Immersion.



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Secuya, A. M. ., Dela Cruz, M. M. ., Miguel, K. ., Suarez, J. M. ., Suyat, L. ., & Bernales Jr., G. . (2020). Impact of Work Immersion on Career Path of Selected Grade 12 General Academic Strand Students of Bestlink College of the Philippines. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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