Causes and Effects of Absenteeism on Academic Performance of Grade 12 Students: Toward an Intervention Program


  • Andrea Lacerna
  • Precios Grace Adonis
  • Whemelle Grace Patagan
  • Sheena Marie Martinez
  • Jenelyn Gencianos
  • Milagros Luang


absenteeism, intervention, performance


School is theplace where knowledge can be imparted to the learners mostly if the students, their guardians, and the society unite for one goal, that is, to produce an efficient and effective individual. A school is a place where students and teachers collaborate theirideas and knowledge to improve their skills. As future educators who already conducted an in-campus observation, the researchers saw that many students are absent from their classes, thereby affecting their academic performance. These students who are absent from classes got low scores on the test because of their absences. The researchers saw that absenteeism is one of the major problems at Bestlink College of the Philippines-Bulacan. Hence, the researchers opted to study the causes and effects of absenteeism on the academic performance of Grade 12 students. A descriptive method was used to complete the study. The instruments used here have different functions. Questionnaires served as the data gathering instrument of the research. The unstructured interview helped the researchers in supplementing and verifying data that were not covered in the questionnaire. The most important was focused group discussion because it allowed participants to tell their insights and opinions in terms of their beliefs and experiences. Based on the data gathered, students have different causes of absenteeism. One of the major reasons is the teacher’s competencies and their dwelling. The results showed that the student may have incomplete requirements, or the students cannot follow what is being discussed by their teachers. Hence, the researchers thought that crafting an intervention program can minimize the student’s absences.



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Lacerna, A. ., Adonis, P. G. ., Patagan, W. G. ., Martinez, S. M. ., Gencianos, J. ., & Luang, M. . (2020). Causes and Effects of Absenteeism on Academic Performance of Grade 12 Students: Toward an Intervention Program. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from