Effectiveness of Rehabilitation Program in Valenzuela City Jail


  • Ronnel Cabudsan
  • Mark Levi Turreda
  • Galvizo Ronilo
  • Joemari Martirez
  • Mark Angelo Soria
  • Dennise Ann Osorio


rehabilitation program, persons deprived of liberty, effectiveness


Incarceration continues to be the primary means by which Western society punishes those who have committed criminal acts. Incarceration may deter individuals from future criminal behavior. However, empirical evidence suggests that the characteristics of incarceration, such as loss of freedom as a result of long prison sentences, reduced living and social conditions, or stigma associated with convict status, are insufficient deterrents for many offenders. The researchers’ main concern was to develop and beautify the implementation of the programs offered by all jails not only locally but also internationally and change the image of our jails from being one of the most horrible places in the world. The researchers utilized descriptive research for this study, which serves as a guide to identifying the effectiveness of the rehabilitation program offered by the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology in Valenzuela City Jail. The researchers utilized the following instruments to gather needed data on this particular research. The researchers first used the questionnaires as the instrument of data collection. Second, the researchers conducted oral interviews to gain additional knowledge, especially on the respondents, and emphasize the factors involved. Third, the researchers conducted a focus group discussion, which is another source of important data. The respondents were described according to different demographic profiles. A total of 80% of the respondents are from the age range of 42–50 years old. A total of 100% of the respondents were male, 100% are married, and 100% are M.A. graduates. The respondents regarded the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs for persons deprived of liberty (PDLs) in Valenzuela City Jail in terms of the religious program, educational program, and sports and recreational program as effective. The respondents regarded the problems they encountered affect the effectiveness of the rehabilitation program for PDLs in Valenzuela City Jail as less serious. The results of the study can be used in crafting a guide to improve the rehabilitation programs inside the city jail and for the betterment of PDLs.



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