Domestic Crime and Methods of Its Prevention at Barangay San Agustin, Quezon City

Vol.4, No.1


  • Ruby Arcillas Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Jeffry Bayani Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • John Christian Pensona Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Ruskin Villagorda Bestlink College of the Philippines




Domestic crime, also called domestic violence, is an act of violent abuse directed at a partner,
family, or other relationship status. Usually, women are the victims of domestic crime because
they are physically weaker than men and are the ones who are subjected to such treatment or
action. The common reasons for a person committing domestic crime or violence are that they
are angry, that they cannot control themselves from hurting the person they have hurt, or that
they are drunk and unaware of what they have done. Nowadays, domestic crime or violence is
rampant in many areas. The number of cases of domestic violence is increasing, particularly
as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads throughout the Philippines. The researchers want to
study the causes of domestic crime or violence, the effects it has on victims, and the various
methods of preventing it, as well as how effective they are in implementing it in Barangay San
Agustin, Quezon City. The qualitative descriptive will be used in the study.

According to the findings of the study, the profile of the respondents is in terms of age; the
majority of them are aged 18 and below, are female, single, and have an educational
attainment of high school level. As respondents describe domestic crime in terms of physical
abuse, the highest weighted mean is "Inflicting physical harm," which resulted in an
agreement. As respondents describe sexual abuse, the highest weighted mean is "Using
force, coercion, guilt, or manipulation or failing to consider the victim's desire to have sex,"
which resulted in agreement in verbal interpretation. In terms of respondents' descriptions of
emotional abuse, "consistently disregarding, ignoring, or neglecting the victim's requests and
needs" received the highest weighted mean with agree in verbal interpretation; in terms of
verbal abuse, "threatening to hurt or kill the victim or her children, family, pets, property, or
reputation" received the highest weighted mean, and in terms of the problem encountered in
the method of prevention, "Lack of understanding and awareness of domestic crime methods
of prevention" received the highest weighted mean as agree in verbal interpretation.

The researchers recommended that Barangay officials develop a better action plan to
increase public awareness and understanding of domestic violence as well as the signs of
abuse. Citizens must be interested in learning about domestic violence and the signs of abuse
in order to be aware of it and prevent some probleMs. Criminology students study domestic
crime and are aware of domestic crime and abuse in order to have knowledge and
understanding of these types of crime. Victims must be aware of the methods for preventing
domestic violence in order to avoid the events they have witnessed.



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