The Effectiveness of Instilling Students’ Discipline for Criminology Students: An Assessment

Vol.4, No.1


  • Christian James Sicat Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Erole Elma Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Michael Tejero Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Jessa Mae Jacobe Bestlink College of the Philippines




Criminology has become in-demand in schools and universities, not because of the bearing
appearance that attracts the youth to enroll in, but because of the moral attitude and other
forms of showing respect to their other upper-class men and professors. The variety of
opportunities that await after the accomplishment of the degree. The criminology department
has its own rules and regulations that must followed, such as giving respect, hand gestures,
salutes, sidestepping, and proper greetings to their upper-class men and professors; they
must obey the command as their job as cadets, as well as proper haircut and uniform. Some
students violate this, thinking they forgot or they cannot recognize their seniors; they ought to
follow orders while studying, and they will carry on until they have a profession. The usual
problem is the discipline of criminology student starts with their respective homes. The
environment plays a huge role in criminology students’ behavior and attitude. It shows in how
they were their uniform, proper haircut, and also their behavior when wearing their uniform.

The result reveals that the greatest number of respondents were both in 2nd year and 3rd
year, and the lowest number of respondents were faculty members. The result showed that
the respondents had agreed that they could adopt unusual traditions, adjust uncommon
practices, and instruct new apprentices in terms of culture, as evidenced by the overall
weighted mean rating of 2.91.

Researchers concluded that there is a split belief between male and female respondents
about instilling students’ discipline for criminology students regardless of their school year.
However, their age and experience might cause them to have different views on the matter
with regard to problems encountered; moreover, in different cultures, different practices are
not a concern as long as the student is willing to adapt to new changes.



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