Factors Affecting English Fluency of Grade 12 ABM Students as Basis for Proposed Intervention and Remediation in Bestlink College of the Philippines, S.Y.2019–2020


  • Jean Paulene Jemina
  • Aires Jay Bosque
  • Mynard Acuna
  • Maria Cristina Ditol
  • Merry Rose Pacheco
  • Crystel-Joy Tamon


English fluency, intervention, remediation


Every individual should enhance and improve their English-speaking skills. Every school institution should intervene to develop the English fluency of every student. Therefore, the researchers chose this topic to give awareness on how beneficial the English language can be. The purpose of this study is to help the students to be globally competitive. The significance of this study is that it will help the students master their English communication skills. The school itself will benefit because the students will not only excel academically but also will be globally competitive. The researchers used a descriptive research design, survey method, and quota sampling to gather the information of the respondents. The respondents of the study were 50 selected grade 12 Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM)students from sections ABM 1210 and ABM 1215. The selected respondents are students who have difficulties in speaking English. Based on the results of the study, the proposed intervention and remediation of English-Only Policy during classes addressed the above-cited factors and enhanced the English fluency of grade 12 ABM students in terms of the following: (1) Improved pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar –It helps the students to practice the diction and right accent when speaking in English. Now, students can speak English words smoothly. It helped the students improve and widen their vocabulary and their knowledge of the English language. (2) Improved self-confidence –Students are now confident answering the questions of their teachers using the English language. Students’ competitiveness also increased because they became confident with their English-speaking skills. The researchers recommended that the students should practice speaking in English. Teachers must motivate and guide their students in speaking English. The school personnel must strictly implement the English-Only Policy inside the school during classes for subjects that use English as a medium of instruction. Parents must show support to their children to encourage them to learn. Lastly, future researchers must conduct more studies on how to improve the English fluency of the students.



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Jemina, J. P., Bosque, A. J. ., Acuna, M. ., Ditol, M. C., Pacheco, M. R. ., & Tamon, C.-J. . (2020). Factors Affecting English Fluency of Grade 12 ABM Students as Basis for Proposed Intervention and Remediation in Bestlink College of the Philippines, S.Y.2019–2020. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from https://ojs.aaresearchindex.com/index.php/aasgbcpjmra/article/view/1154

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