Proposed Office Procedure for Human Resource Department of Educational Institution


  • Edmel Ryan Billones
  • Joy Joice Bragat
  • Maricar Toledo
  • Ailene Torita
  • Cris Shiell Ann Valenzuela
  • Rommel Constantino


Human Resources Department, Bestlink College of the Philippines


Office procedure is the center point of the company. It refers to a continues scheme to ensure the efficiency in the workplace. A good office procedure is the key in establishing an organized institution. It creates consistency, efficiency, and professionalism within the office environment. Human resource and office procedure need a harmonious relationship. Researchers used two methods; the first one was interview. The researcher conducted several interviews of several staff of the Human Resource Department by meeting them personally to obtain information. This method helped some staffs of the Human Resource Department to explore their perspectives on a particular office procedure, program, or situation. The other method was observation method. The researcher observed the ongoing process of the Human Resource Department; it will give reliable insights. The researchers can capture data on what goes down on the Human Resource Department of Bestlink College of the Philippines, that is, the office procedure on how the human resource staffs say during the conducted interview and what actually happens in the actual process. As the result, the researchers proposed some possible solutions to the Human Resource Department that can help the enhance the office procedure. The researchers added modern ways to strengthen the background checking process of the applicant in the hiring process for teaching and non-teaching applicants. In hiring, the researcher added sending onboarding letter, which will serve as a confirmation that the application passed the final interview. In the filing of the documents, the researchers rearranged the steps of the process and proposed new codenames with regard to the filing of the employee documents. The researcher proposed adding an exit interview to the resignation process. It will help the department convince the employee not to continue with his or her resignation. Lastly, in the termination process, the researcher proposed a new and better procedure in the case of dismissal and terminating an employee. The purpose of this study was to improve some of the office procedures of the Human Resource Department of Bestlink College of the Philippines.



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Billones, E. R. ., Bragat , J. J., Toledo , M., Torita, . A., Valenzuela, . C. S. A., & Constantino, R. (2020). Proposed Office Procedure for Human Resource Department of Educational Institution. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from