Assessment on Effectiveness of Grammar Tool in Improving Grammar Skills of Selected Grade 12 ABM Students


  • Dyna Mae Denioso
  • Jenica Mae Banzalan
  • Alliah Louise Bautista
  • Jencel Laporca
  • Jc Lyn Olalo
  • Crystel-Joy Tamon


assessment, grammar, grammar skills, oral communication, written communication


Grammar is important because it is the heart of language. Researchers noticed that several Grade 12 students in Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) experienced problems in English grammar. The purpose of this study is to improve the grammar skills of the students. The importance of this study is to provide tools that can help students improve their grammar skills in terms of oral and written communications. Correlational research design was used in this study, in which the researchers measured two variables and assessed the statistical relationship between them, without an effect on the control extraneous variables. The method used is survey method, which is one of the commonly used methods. The sampling is purposive, in which the researchers relied on their own judgment when choosing 50 Grade 12 ABM students as respondents. The results of the pretest and post-test showed that providing grammar tool effectively improves the grammar skills of Grade 12 ABM students in terms of oral and written communication. The oral skills of the students improved because students can actively participate during their English class. Students also participated in reporting, preparations, and several interesting activities that their teacher provided. Students can also speak in English fluently with confidence, which results in effective communication skills. In terms of written communication, the exercises about grammar developed a well-constructed written output because of a post-test after the implementing of the EGG tool, which shows the improvement; grammatical errors decreased. The findings showed improvement on the grammar skills of the students in a short period of time running the action plan. The researchers provided following recommendations. Students need to study English well. Parents should guide their child through their learning. Teachers should to provide something that can catch the students’ attention. The school administration needs to implement an “English-Speaking Policy” during class discussions by using English language as the medium of instruction. Lastly, future researchers can use this work as their references.



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Denioso, D. M. ., Banzalan, J. M. ., Bautista, A. L. ., Laporca, J. ., Olalo, J. L. ., & Tamon, C.-J. . (2020). Assessment on Effectiveness of Grammar Tool in Improving Grammar Skills of Selected Grade 12 ABM Students. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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