The Impact of YouTube in Developing Cooking Skills Towards a Guide

Vol.4, No.1


  • Monique Advincula Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Candy Llosa Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • John Rodolf Paga Bestlink College of the Philippines


Access to learning and skills development was maintained in some contexts through a rapid
shift to hybrid learning; with the rise of social media platforms, particularly YouTube, as a
source of information and entertainment, many individuals have turned to the platform to learn
new skills, including cooking. However, there are several problems with this research topic
that need to be addressed. Firstly, the effectiveness of YouTube as a tool for developing
cooking skills has not been extensively studied or evaluated. While there are many cooking
channels on YouTube, there is no guarantee that the information provided is accurate or
reliable. Additionally, individuals may have different learning styles and preferences, which
may affect their ability to learn from YouTube videos. Lastly, the issue of accessibility needs to
be considered. While YouTube is a free platform, not everyone has access to the internet or
the necessary equipment to view videos. This can create a digital divide where certain
individuals are unable to benefit from the information available on YouTube. Developing
cooking skills is necessary for Bachelor of Technical- Vocational Teacher Education students
as it helps them to be equipped in industry and education. Due to the impact of YouTube in
developing cooking skills, students need to be flexible in a self-learning environment using
YouTube as a tool.
The study revealed that there is a problem with YouTube in developing cooking skills.
However, despite the problems they encountered, the majority of them can still maximize the
use of YouTube, which helps to improve comprehension of the cooking process, ensure
quality assurance in the cooking process, and acquire new cooking skills. The impact of
YouTube can help in developing cooking skills to improve the student's critical thinking, self-
efficacy, and cooking skill competency. Researchers concluded that regardless of the
problems the learners caused by problems encountered on YouTube, learners are still
responsible for this kind of learning.
YouTube has had a significant impact on the development of cooking skills among students.
With the rise of food content on the platform, students now have access to a wide range of
cooking tutorials and techniques that they can use to improve their cooking abilities. One of
the most significant impacts of YouTube on student cooking skills is the accessibility of
information. YouTube is available to anyone with an internet connection; another impact of
YouTube on student cooking skills is the visual nature of the platform. Cooking is a hands-on
activity, and watching someone else do it can be more effective than simply reading about it.
With YouTube, students can watch step-by-step tutorials that show them exactly how to
prepare a dish or execute a technique. This visual learning can help students better
understand the nuances of cooking and improve their skills more quickly. The researchers
recommend encouraging and supporting the learners to enhance their cooking skills, gain
knowledge about different techniques, and acquire competency in cooking activities. By
watching cooking videos on YouTube, they can visualize the cooking process, learn new
techniques, and foster creativity and flexibility in their cooking activities



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