Effects of Incarceration on Persons Deprived of Liberty in Valenzuela City Jail


  • Tyrone Sembillo
  • Kimpee Emano
  • Jhunric Brignas
  • Jomar Funa
  • Jasper Pulido
  • Denise Anne Osorio, MS Crim (OP)


effect, incarceration, persons deprived of liberty


In general, incarceration is the state of being in jail. In a broader sense, an individual is incarcerated as a punishment and reformation for the commission of offenses that become detrimental to the lives of the member of the society. At present, the jail system has various rehabilitation and reformation programs being implemented. This can efficiently work if the PDL has been trained behaviorally to accept such programs positively. The acceptance of the person to such training and behavioral reformation can only take place if, despite the stressful jail environment, the PDL has a stable behavioral orientation and a positively inclined personality. The researchers aimed to identify the effects of incarceration on persons deprived of liberty in Valenzuela CityJail. The researchers utilized descriptive research. It can only be used to create a causal relationship, where one variable affects another. In other words, descriptive research can have an essential requirement for internal validity. The researcher utilized the following instrument to gather the needed data on this particular research. The researcher first used the questionnaire method as the instrument of data collection. The second is an interview, which is done to gain knowledge on the respondents and emphasize the factors involved. The third is a focus group discussion, which is another source of important data. Fourth, the researchers used books, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, and previous theses to develop the concept and contents of the study. The respondents were described according to different demographic profiles. A total of 40% of the respondents aged 42–50 years old. All respondents are married males, and 60% of the respondents are M.A. graduates. The assessment of the effect of incarceration leads to reformation in terms of skill development, job creation, and lifestyle. The problems encountered that affect the impacts of incarceration and lead to reformation were regarded as less serious. The results of the study can be used as an invitation to investors coming from the business sectors to promote livelihood programs to all PDLs for their total reformation while serving their sentence.



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Sembillo, T. ., Emano, K. ., Brignas, J. ., Funa, J. ., Pulido, J. ., & Osorio, MS Crim (OP), D. A. (2020). Effects of Incarceration on Persons Deprived of Liberty in Valenzuela City Jail. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from https://ojs.aaresearchindex.com/index.php/aasgbcpjmra/article/view/1082

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