Common Problems Encountered by Selected Senior Citizens as Persons Deprived of Liberty in Quezon City Jail


  • Evalyn Borja
  • Rosamie Domingo
  • Evelyn Gujol
  • Mart Leann Patino
  • Mercy Tugas
  • Eduardo Villaruel


safety, living condition, health status, persons deprived of liberty


Thousands of senior citizens are incarcerated in the Philippines according to data from the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) and Bureau of Corrections. Old age does not give anyone an instant pass to skip detention and jail time. According to data from BJMP, which is the agency that manages the country’s jail for detainees waiting for the verdict on criminal cases against them, at least 3,043 persons aged 60 years old and above are detained as of November 2018. Age does not mean immunity. While Article 13 of the Revised Penal Code said that age could be a mitigating circumstance in criminal liability, it does not say that age could exempt anyone from detention and prison time. With the conditions of senior citizens, considering their state of health, many elderly persons deprived of liberty (PDLs) encounter difficulties and challenges that this study wants to investigate. The researchers utilized a descriptive method to show BJMP treats “senior citizens” as PDLs. This method involves the collection and tallying of the data of the respondents, as well as analysis, and interpretation of the gathered data. The survey method was used because it gathers limited data from relatively the existing phenomena without inquiring why they exist. This study focused on the present treatment for senior citizens as PDLs and determined the situation during the imprisonment of elderly inmates and updates on their safety, condition, and health during incarceration. The respondents are described according to different demographic profiles. A total of 100% of the PDL respondents are from the age range of 60 years old and above. A total of 100% of the respondents are male, 60% are married, and 60% are high school graduates. Senior citizens as PDL in Quezon City Jail are being treated. The respondents also encountered problems in terms of living conditions, poor ventilation, and poor ventilation because of overcrowding. The results of the study can be used to improve the living condition to sustain the treatment for senior citizens as PDLs.



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