Clear Sky Beyond the Tunnel: Lived Experiences of Nurses on Temporary Employment Status


  • Ina B. Barrientos Union Christian College, City of San Fernando, La Union
  • Dr. Marites B. Cadam-us Union Christian College, City of San Fernando, La Union


lived experiences, temporary employment, nurse



Nurses employed temporarily often aspire for enhanced working conditions and improved quality of life.  This study delved into the intricate tapestry of lived experiences of temporarily employed nurses. 



The chosen methodology, Husserlian phenomenology, enables a profound exploration into the subjective experiences of nurses in temporary employment.  Employing purposive sampling, participants were selected based on predetermined criteria to ensure a diverse representation of voices.  The research unfolded over three months, from May to July 2022, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the participants' experiences.


Results and Discussion

The qualitative analysis of the participants' narratives revealed three salient themes that encapsulate their lived experiences:

Entering the Long Winding Tunnel: Participants describe the initial phase of their temporary employment as akin to a journey through a complex and intricate tunnel.  This metaphor highlights the transition from their prior professional experiences into temporary employment.  They grapple with uncertainties and challenges, adapting to new environments and protocols.


Walking Through the Darkness: In this phase, nurses navigate the darkness of uncertainty, ambiguity, and the unfamiliar.  The metaphor signifies the challenges and obstacles faced during their temporary employment tenure. Participants elucidate instances of adjusting to varying hospital dynamics, adapting to ever-changing schedules, and managing patient care under these circumstances.


Passing Through the Tunnel: The final theme represents the participants' eventual transition toward the conclusion of their temporary employment status.  The metaphor of passing through the tunnel symbolizes a sense of accomplishment, growth, and transformation.  As they near the end of their tenure, nurses reflect on the skills acquired, the resilience developed, and the perspectives gained.



This phenomenological exploration provides a deep understanding of the nuanced experiences of temporary nurses.  The emergence of these themes underscores the complexity of their journey, from the initial uncertainty to eventual growth and transformation.  However, the study also suggests the need for broader investigations to comprehend the multifaceted requirements of nurses in temporary employment rolls.  These insights can be harnessed to effect positive change, improving nurses' working circumstances in similar positions.



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Barrientos, I. B. ., & Cadam-us, D. M. B. (2023). Clear Sky Beyond the Tunnel: Lived Experiences of Nurses on Temporary Employment Status. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Union Christian College Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Abstracts, 5(1), 60. Retrieved from