Management Competencies and Skills of Nurse Managers: A Basis for a Sustainability Program


  • Hannelli I. Belingon Al Khafji National Hospital, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Pilar Ruby C. Buenaventura, PhD Union Christian College, City of San Fernando, La Union


Nurse managers, Competencies, Skills, Sustainability program



In modern healthcare organizations' complex landscape, nursing management is pivotal in ensuring quality patient care and operational efficiency. Nurse managers' adeptness in management competencies and skills is essential for effective leadership within these dynamic settings. This research assesses the extent of management competencies and skills possessed by nurse managers at Al Khafji National Hospital, laying the foundation for a sustainable program to bolster their capabilities.



To comprehensively investigate this subject, a descriptive developmental research design was employed. The study was conducted at Al Khafji National Hospital in Saudi Arabia, from June 5, 2022, to June 26, 2022. The research sample comprised 72 nurse managers who were chosen to provide a comprehensive perspective. An electronically administered survey questionnaire was utilized, and its use was certified by the UCC Ethics Review Board to ensure compliance with research protocols. Additionally, approval from the Hospital Administration affirmed the research's ethical considerations. The remarkable 100 percent response rate reflected the participants' keen interest and commitment, enhancing the study's empirical robustness. The collected data underwent a thorough analysis using descriptive and inferential statistics.


Findings and Discussion

The study's outcomes unveiled an exceedingly high level of management competencies and skills among nurse managers. This demonstrates their capacity to navigate the multifaceted demands of healthcare leadership effectively. Interestingly, no significant associations were observed between nurse managers' demographic profiles and their exhibited management competencies and skills. Nonetheless, certain specific competencies and skills emerged as areas for potential improvement. These areas encompass conceptual skills, conflict management, change management, and evidence-based decision-making. Recognizing the importance of these competencies in driving successful healthcare outcomes, the study underscores the significance of enhancing them for the nurse managers' sustained effectiveness.


Conclusion and Recommendations

Based on the study's findings, the hospital administration formulated, validated, and recommended a comprehensive sustainability program tailored to the unique needs of nurse managers. This program aims to maintain the nurse managers' existing competencies and elevate them further to meet evolving healthcare challenges. Notably, the sustainability program prioritizes the two highest-rated competencies of professionalism and resource allocation, ensuring these crucial skills remain finely honed.


In essence, this research illuminates the pivotal role of nurse managers in contemporary healthcare organizations and underscores the importance of their management competencies and skills. By recognizing the need for ongoing development and growth, healthcare institutions can cultivate a cadre of nurse managers capable of navigating the complexities of the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.



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