Standing Tall Like a Bamboo Tree: The Lived Experiences of Nurse Relievers


  • Kathlene P. Barasi Alhada Armed Forces Hospital, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Jeffrey B. julian Union Christian College, City of San Fernando, Philippines


Lived experiences, nurse relievers



The vital role of nurses in global healthcare systems is undeniable.  As societies grapple with diverse challenges, nursing care has become integral to overall health management.  Nurse substitutes, proposed as a solution to fluctuating staffing needs, have become a norm.  However, their experiences and challenges can impact patient care.  This study delves into the experiences of nurse substitutes, particularly those from Alhada Armed Forces Hospital in Saudi Arabia.  Employing Husserlian Phenomenology, the study aims to uncover the intricacies of their roles and how they navigate challenges to deliver optimal patient care.



Using the qualitative research approach of Husserlian Phenomenology, the study explored the experiences of nurse substitutes from Alhada Armed Forces Hospital in Saudi Arabia.  A purposive sampling method was employed to select participants. Ethical considerations were paramount, as the emotional nature of recalling experiences necessitated sensitivity.  Data analysis focused on identifying key themes and subthemes that encapsulated the participants' experiences and challenges.


Results and Discussion

The findings illustrated nurse substitutes' profound dedication and adaptability in delivering exceptional patient care.  Despite facing various obstacles, these individuals remained deeply rooted in their commitment to nursing.  Themes like personal satisfaction, family ties, and administrative recognition emerged, showcasing the multifaceted motivations that sustain nurse substitutes in their challenging roles.  These findings provide valuable insights into the experiences of nurse substitutes and shed light on their pivotal role in maintaining patient care quality.


Implications and Recommendations

The study's conclusions offer concrete recommendations to enhance the experiences of nurse substitutes and, consequently, patient care quality.  Financial incentives such as additional compensation, overtime pay, and specialized relief pay can mitigate the challenges associated with their roles.  Nursing administrators can introduce measures to reduce occupational stress, easing the burden on nurse relief staff.  Positive interventions, such as welcoming orientations, regular check-ins, and expressions of gratitude, can create a supportive environment for nurse substitutes.  Recognizing their vital contributions and ensuring a nurturing environment will improve their morale and performance.



Nurse substitutes are crucial in maintaining healthcare standards in the face of staffing challenges.  Their experiences and challenges significantly impact patient care quality.  By understanding their experiences and needs, nursing leaders and administrators can implement evidence-based strategies to improve nurse substitutes' working conditions and, by extension, patient outcomes.  Healthcare institutions can create an environment that fosters exceptional patient care delivery through financial incentives, supportive interventions, and recognition.



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