Factors Affecting Emotional Expressiveness of Grade 12 STEM Students of the Bestlink College of the Philippines: Toward a Guide


  • Shereenville Bulotano
  • Ma. Alexandrea Amayag
  • Erecha Jhane Bernardez
  • Juvilyn Mikel Francisco
  • Alyssa Monique Parce
  • Dr. Jolly Miguel


emotions, emotional expressiveness, parents and children, communication, factors, outlets


Communication is important in any relationship, especially with their family, parents, or guardian. Emotional expressiveness is developed through people’s ability to be open or express how they are feeling and what they want. Conflicts occur whenan individual has difficulty in sharing and being open with how they feel. Emotional openness can be difficult due to many reasons. The factors behind this issue are what we aim to unravel and clarify. A descriptive research method was used in this study.Using purposive quota sampling, the researchers chose 50 grade 12 STEM Strand students as the respondents of the study. The respondents answered the prepared questionnaire and interview questions to determine the demographic profile of the respondents; the level of emotional expressiveness of the respondents in terms of school, personal, love, and social life; the factors affecting the level of emotional expressiveness; and the outlets used by the respondents in expressing their emotions. The results of the study showed that the respondents have extremely high emotional expressiveness in terms of social life toward their parents, a high level of emotional expressiveness in terms of school and personal life, and a low level of emotional expressiveness in terms of love life. The factors that affect emotional expressiveness include parenting styles, economic situation, and way of life. In addition to their parents, the respondents use other outlets to express their emotions through social media, games, and music. The results of this study showed that good communication between parents and their children contributes considerably toward a healthy relationship. Students were advised to make time to get along with their parents. Meanwhile, parents were advised to allow their children to speak up to enhance their expressiveness. Having a designated regular family bonding time can make their relationship healthy.



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