Impact of Parent’s Communication to Mental Health of Senior High School Students of Bestlink College of the Philippines

Vol.4, No.1


  • Shekailah Sucidor Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Jean Bihag Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Melrose Papa Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Joanna Nikki Roto Bestlink College of the Philippines




Teenagers today are famous for a variety of traits, including being ungrateful, spoiled, whiny,
vulnerable, and addicted to social media. However, one quality stands out in particular. Today,
teenagers are regarded as the generation with the worst Mental Health. Our mental health is
an essential component of our overall health and well-being. As a parent, you can make a
significant difference in your child’s mental health. Nurturing and loving care laid a solid
foundation for your child’s development of the social and emotional skills that are required to
live a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life. Words are powerful; they can be positive, but they can
also be very harmful. They can be used maliciously to criticize or insult individuals. They can
cause low self-esteem to someone and cause mental and emotional harm that may lead to
suicide. According to Castillo, J. (2018), it is harmful to refer to a child as “Selfish” or to imply
that she has a problem. Children internalize these negative labels as they start to feel
inadequate. What is worse is that these negative and hurtful messages become ingrained in
our kids, and they carry these messages with them as they grow. Children become fearful
when they are ashamed and humiliated. This fear persists as children age. It becomes a
barrier to having a healthy emotional life, and it is difficult to overcome. These words and
phrases are regularly used to control or alter behavior. Teenagers who were subjected to
harsh verbal reprimand from their parents were more likely to develop anger, become irritable,
show signs of melancholy, and misbehave in school.

The data gathered were analyzed with percentages and weighted mean. It was discovered
based on the analysis that most of the respondents are positive, and the affirmation words of
their parents are more beneficial to them in their mental health and in increasing their

Those who have encountered a little discouragement from their parents, it brings them
weakness and lack of appetite for what they want every day, but there were also many of our
respondents who still prevailed over them with a little support and encouragement from their
parents, gives them strength to fight and gives them self-confidence. School administrators
should strengthen and increase the number of qualified counselors who can give proper
guidance to the parents and students to increase their knowledge, resulting in better
communication development. Through the process of this paper, the researcher was able to
see the real impact that occurred in each situation of respondents. There is a need for
attention and guidance every day for their children. The place where the full support of the
family should be felt by the children. They should recognized and respected, accepted, and
appreciated. It should serve as their safe haven and serve as a constant reminder that they
are loved regardless of what happens to them or how difficult things are.



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