Hotel and Restaurant Management System-Core IV-Safety and Security


  • Gino Golveo
  • Khazmer Rangaig
  • Bordeen Millay Dungca
  • Jasper Kenneth Celespara
  • Michelle Arevalo
  • Paul Cedric Moreno


safety and security


The proposed study put efforts in reporting and saving all the incidents that will happen in the companies, such as fire accidents and crimes that will help people to evacuate safely with the help of the safety map that the researcher created. The researchers created a parking monitoring to have a report of all the vehicles parked in the company, including the time-in, time-out, name of the driver, plate number, date, and car model, as well as the facilities status of the company. This research will be helpful to the companies to ensure the safety of the field in work activities and for the workplace to be safe and secure. Safety and security are important in all aspects of companies because these affect an individual’s well-being wherein the feeling of being safe is freedom from physical or emotional harm. An individual who controls safety and security should also have the freedom from the threat or fear of harm or danger. The proponents used the agile scrum methodology, which is a step-by-step process that will help the development team managed a project by breaking it up into several stages. The researcher studied through interviews involving constant collaboration with the stakeholders to define a clearer business that is needed or vision that the project is addressed. The development team planned sprints in which the specific tasks and goals will be carried out; it continued improvement and iteration at every stage. The researchers needed to have a clear next step. Once the sprint was completed and features were developed, the system can be launched to the product owner. The researchers indicated that the development team identified the scope and limitations of the safety and security of the system, as well as the problems of the company. The researchers created a system that will help monitor and have reports about the incidents and crimes to easily identify the risks to better be equipped against them. In terms of security and safety, one must be sure that the system is operational and can be monitored. The proposed study identified the risk of safety and security in all the companies, focusing on the shift toward preemptive security and safety measures, such as structural protection. The state of being safe and secure is the conditioning of being protected from harm or other non-desirable outcomes. Safety and security refer to the control of recognized hazards to achieve an acceptable level of risks and to the protection of individuals, organizations, and assets against external threats and criminal activities that can be directed to such entities, thereby rendering them inactive.



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