Challenges Encountered by Student Practice Teachers at Bagumbong High School: Toward A Guide


  • Charmel Joy Raagas
  • Carmina Ann Guillamar
  • Janerah Daroy
  • Lorelie Sally Lagatic
  • Anne Liezelle Avila
  • Menchie Gutierrez


student practice teacher, teaching, profession


Teaching is a multifaceted activity. Intricate expansive planning, strategies, interactions, organizational arrangement, and instructional materials take place in the teaching-learning process. It is important to understand the extent to which teachers can put the theory they have learned during college into practice in real teaching environments. This profession is about giving what you have rather than what you want to earn. It is the art of making others learn to grow. Practice teaching is designed to allow student teachers to put their knowledge into practice and expose themselves to real school and classroom situations to help them develop their teaching skills. The researchers used the descriptive method. The researcher’s goal was to use this method to describe the nature of the real situation as it exists at the time of the study. This study used a descriptive research design for the survey method. The results showed that most student teachers majored in English. The majority of the challenges encountered by student practice teachers are the preparation of the lesson plan and financial constraints in making instructional teaching materials. They also encountered problems with the persistent use of the first language by the students inside the classroom. The problems encountered in human relationships between and among the faculty, student practice teachers, and the administrations can also be resolved. Based on the findings, the research focused on the student practice teachers’ time to study their actual training not only by giving them instruction on what to teach but also on what is the best topic to tackle every day. The cooperating teacher should take time in guiding, implementing, and encouraging each practice teacher to be more positive in giving instructions and addressing the student needs inside or outside of the school and should promote and assess the English language to set up high-order thinking skills to monitor the progress and practice the usage of English language. Further studies similar to this research should be conducted to verify results and continue the purpose of why this research is being studied in the first place.



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