Investigations Electronic Records Keeping Challenges Faced by the Employees of ABC Company: Basis for Improvement

Vol.4, No.1


  • Julien Mauricio Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Ma Caryl Pastorfide Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Rachelle Ann Somoza Bestlink College of the Philippines




Electronic record management systems are essential for organizations to protect and improve
their efficiency. They involve the professional practice of classifying, organizing, and
managing documents and records. However, challenges faced by electronic record
management systems include not have own username and password on their PC when it
comes to using the system, outdated information systems, and having only one internet
service provider in the company office that is used in the system. It is important for records
professionals to perform the required scope of responsibilities when implementing the
Records Management System program. Without a records specialist, the entire task would be
difficult for untrained, inexperienced individuals to complete.

The level of familiarity, usability and efficiency, accessibility, and effectivity are strongly
agreed upon. Employees should record copies of documents and keep them on an official file,
have a staff member in the record and archives office with assigned responsibility to use
electronic document and transaction management systems (EDTMS), browse through
available files or folders, and store permanent records with temporary records until they are
transferred for archiving.

Electronic record-keeping is essential for any business as it allows for the management of one
of the most crucial resources in any organization. A policy must be developed to govern record
management operations and ensure that all records generated and received are properly
documented. Additionally, policies should be created and managed by documenting them,
assigning roles, and developing formal processes. Finally, secrecy or restricting access to
electronic records must be prevented, and users must be ensured that user records are highly
safeguarded and monitored. The electronic records management life cycle idea must be
utilized at all levels of the company, and an acceptable model for the preservation of records
and data must have been developed.



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