Assessment in the Employees Job Satisfaction and Relation to Company’s Motivational Strategy; Basis for Improvement

Vol.4, No.1


  • Austin Mejico Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • May Anne Soriano Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Vanna Marie Sevilla Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Kimberly Cordova Bestlink College of the Philippines




Employees’ motivation does not get much attention, but this can also be one of the reasons
why some employees are experiencing unproductivity at work. Employees can also feel
unmotivated because they do not get much attention for how hard they work. It is to result in
not achieving both personal and company goals. Many people know how stressful being on
the computer doing all the paperwork and sitting in the office for many hours. Most especially
in the offices were employees working in front of computers for a long year. JKL Company in
Quezon City also has an office in Tomas Morato where their employees sometimes
experience draining work, resulting in being unmotivated. Motivational tools are one of the
keys to motivating employees to do their best at work. This research will surely be timely and
relevant, especially nowadays, to assess how or what things we need to do to increase the
workers' productivity and employees’ motivation for their effectiveness.

The results showed that most employees at JKL Company prefer “Monetary Incentives” as
their motivational strategy. The results show how most of the employees at JKL company
prefer having a monetary incentive where they can buy and do anything they want out of it
rather than gifts, which was mostly unnecessary. Money incentives are also not surprising at
all, especially nowadays, where people have their own desires that can fulfill and motivate
them even more. The employees also prefer pieces of training and seminars to enhance their
knowledge and skills, to not stick to what they are doing. By their chosen strategy, they will feel
their hard work is validated and being reciprocated.

The research study shows how important it is for the employees to be appreciated and cared
about for them to give the same care to the company, which will surely lead them to achieve
both the personal goals of the employees as well as the company’s goals.



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