Factors Affecting Employee Retention at F.l Cruz Engineering Consultancy: Basis for a Proposed Development Plan

Vol.4, No.1


  • Daniela Mudoc Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Milbert Omandac Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Mary Ann Profogo Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Mary Jegna Turingan Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Joanna Verdad Bestlink College of the Philippines




Employee retention is a difficult issue for the organization. Employee retention techniques
were emphasized in this study. Employees are the organization's most valuable asset.
Employee satisfaction should be prioritized by management in order to keep skilled and
committed personnel in the organization. Determine the causes of employee turnover and
work to eliminate them. The goal of this study is to demonstrate how important staff retention
is in today's world, and if organizations are not aware of the issue and do not take prompt
action, what consequences await and how they will influence the organization and the

The results of the study convey that there is no significant difference in answers between the
assessment of male and female respondents in the aspect of coworker relations,
management support, work-life balance, and job security. It was supported by the calculation
of t- a tabulated value of 1. 330, which is greater than the t-value of 0.966 with a 0.02 level of
significance and 18 degrees of freedom. The null hypothesis is accepted. With the results, the
researchers also gathered some of the difficulties the F.L Cruz employees encountered, such
as lack of pressure to perform, conflict and stress linked to work colleagues, overloaded or
stressed by the pressures of multiple roles, and layoff or termination looMs. The solutions
undertaken by the employees of F.L Cruz Engineering Consultancy are to break the situation
down into manageable steps as soon as possible, keep your cool and take a break if
necessary, regularly practice relaxation techniques that can lower stress, be kind, smile, and
avoid droning on about justification and create a positive professional environment.

The researchers proposed an effective Employee Retention Strategy for F.L Cruz Engineering
Consultancy according to the findings of the study. The proposed plan has five aspects,
namely: Coworker relations, which focuses on the strategies of having a good relationship
with the employees; Management Support, which has a clear strategic plan on how to
effectively manage your employees, which is one of the difficulties encountered by the
respondents includes strategies that will surely help the company; Work-life balance includes
the strategies for having a policy and equality to your employees, Job security, company
should give an assurance that their employee can continue working; and lastly, Performance
problems which was the rank1 in the four difficulties encountered by the two group of



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