HR Policy Development for Direct Selling Industry in Quezon City


  • Sheila Mae Garcia
  • Anjelyn Antipolo


policy development, direct selling industry and procedures


The company is a direct selling business that is located in Quezon City. This company has 40 regular employees and 160 quota-based sales agents. It is a 100% Filipino-owned company and the leader and one of the largest in the industry. The company was established in 2015 and continues to offer products of the highest quality. In the company’s 4 years of experience in the direct selling industry, it specializes in providing the needs of the clients. The researchers wanted to review and enhance the current policies following the current law and best practices of other companies. The researchers used qualitative methods such as a review of the company manual, face-to-face interview with the Human Resource Officer, and questionnaire to gather additional data and justification about the company’s current policy. The researchers also used online resources for references and best practices of other companies to compare the existing policies of the company and cite what should be enhanced as proposed by the researchers. According to the researchers’ gathered data from the company’s manual and information from the Human Resource Officer, this company has an existing policy, including Attendance, Tardiness and Under time, Attire/Uniform, Identification Card, Resignation and Clearance, Separation from Employment, Code of Discipline and Disciplinary Action, Exit Interview, 201 File Maintenance, Service Record, Time Keeping, Hours and Schedule of Work, 13th-Month Pay, and Absence without Official Leave. The researchers proposed 19 policies that may help the company to excel in its industry. The proposed policies included Smoking Policy, Biometrics, Data Privacy Act, Expanded Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, Solo Parent Leave, Anti-discrimination Policy, Employee Referral Program, OJT Program, Security of Tenure, Random Drug Testing Policy, Occupational Safety and Health Program, Company Team Building, Job Enrichment Program, Employee Performance Program, Employee Recognition, Open Door Policy, Employee Job Description, and Grievance Procedure Policy. These policies were developed and enhanced by the researchers and may be beneficial for other companies as a reference.



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