Advocating Community Service in School to Maintain Clean Stairs and Hallway


  • Krealyn Salaysay
  • Krealyn Salaysay
  • Camilla Tampico
  • Karylle Milo
  • Princess Ivy Betonio
  • Phillip Delos Reyes


advocacy, community services, clean stairs, hallways


The school becomes the second home of students, and it is a place where students can learn many things. Cleanliness holds a great significance in life. Cleanliness is one of the important things for healthy living. Hence, the school must maintain its cleanliness to lessen the chances of any bacteria and/or viruses that may harm the students. When the school is clean, students will less likely to fall ill. The researchers chose this topic because this year (2019), there was an increased number of students. The researchers think that more students will tend to throw improperly. Thus, this problem must be resolved to have a beautiful school. The purpose of this study was to promote the cleanliness of school stairs and hallways from getting dirty. This study used the survey method because most of the students are walking onstairs and hallways, thereby making it easy for the researchers to gather information from respondents. A survey questionnaire was the tool that was used by the researchers to gather necessaryinformation. The researchers chose 50 Grade 12 Accountancy, Business, and ManagementStrandstudents from sections 12-10 to 12-18. The sampling method used by the researchers was a nonprobability technique. The result of this study provided the factors that influenced the cleanliness of the stairs and hallway in Bestlink College of the Philippines. In terms of discipline, students tend to violate the proper waste disposal and are not aware of the sanctions for this action. Students lack the initiative to clean. Therefore community service is applicable to maintain the cleanliness of the school. Based on the results of the study, advocating community service effectively can maintain cleanliness because students can apply proper waste segregation. It will also promote discipline and awareness in the students because the students will know the rules about proper disposal and its sanctions. Based on the result of the study, the researchers recommended conducting a community service program to improve the cleanliness of the school, providing more trash bins in the hallways and stairs should be implemented. Creating several signages that will serve as reminders for the students is also suggested, throwing the trash properly, and discussing the rules and regulations about maintaining the cleanliness of the school.



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