Miniature of Proscenium Towers with Skybridge in Makati City


  • Erico Del Castillo
  • Aaliyah Jastine Alcantara
  • Edilyn Camposano
  • Mark Anthony Monton
  • Charles Carino
  • Marlon Gajana Bahana


proscenium towers, sky bridge


Sky Bridge consisted of the enclosed or covered bridge that will connect the four residential towers of the Proscenium towers. It will be placed on the middle floor of each tower to be equal. The purpose of the sky bridge is to provide easy access to each tower of the Proscenium Towers because most of the floors in these buildings consist of companies, and it has state-of-the-art amenities. The center of the sky bridge will also have a nice view of the city from halfway to the building. One common problem of the people in these towers is the distance of one tower to another tower. People are having a hard time going to another tower, especially if the weather is poor. The tower is far from each other. Hence, the people need to walk a long way to go to another tower. It is not also applicable to people who are in a hurry. Quantitative analysis was the research method design utilized in this study. The participants of the study consisted of five Civil Engineering students and five Architecture students. The levels of acceptability, concept, design, feasibility, and presentation were assessed using a t-test. The findings of the study in terms of concept, design, feasibility, and presentation were acceptable. The assessment of the two groups of respondents did not show any significant difference in terms of the level of acceptability. The results of this study showed that the project can be improved as follows: the measurement of the floor plan should be accurate to the actual measure of Proscenium Towers, and materials that can add to the lifespan of the miniature and make the miniature more detailed should be added. The researchers have decided to make a sky bridge at the Proscenium Towers. The whole area of Proscenium Towers measures 3.6 hectares consisting of 4 towers. The whole area is excessively large, and the towers are extremely high. Hence, the researchers decided to change the width of the whole area to 22 cm. For each floor of the towers, the researchers decided to make it 1 cm long in height and 5 cm in width. For bridges, the width was 1.5 cm, and 2.2 cm was added for the walls. The center is 11 cm, and the radius is 5.8 cm. Lastly, for the connecting bridges, the researchers decided to make it to 8.6-cm long.



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