Miniature of Proposed Train from Cubao to Baguio


  • Donabelle Alfuente
  • Jeanelyn Indoy
  • Kyle Loise Jacito
  • Jona Sta Ana
  • Abegail Valdoz


proposed train


This study aimed to construct a train and aimed to determine the materials to be utilized in constructing the proposed train in terms of weight, pressure, and damage. The procedures are taken to constructing miniature and experience while the problems encountered in the process of constructing proposed train. It can be the most economical and can attain the expected output and certain requirements for the construction of the proposed train. In this study, one of the problems encountered during the process is that the proposed train cannot sustain the battery. The measurement of the stainless and inaccurate location of the electric wire are also problems that are faced. This study is necessary to give the readers and other future researchers knowledge and importance of the proposed train. Reading the content will also give the readers or the future researchers the important details such as how the train was constructed and the results and discussions. Quantitative research was the type of empirical investigation used. When the product was done, the researchers surveyed the two groups of respondents, including five Mechanical Engineer teachers and five Electrical Engineering teachers. The collected data was processed using statistical tools and used to answer the statement of the problem. Through the data gathered, the researchers found out the following. The two groups of respondents assessed the level of acceptability by using the Likert scale and obtained the results in terms of concept, structural design, feasibility, and presentation. The values for mechanical and electrical engineer teachers were 2.11 and 2.01, respectively, which were interpreted as acceptable. Results stated that the use of stainless as the main material for constructing the miniature achieved the expectation. The respondents suggested that the researchers should improve the train and avoid expensive materials. Adding additional pieces and lights for the train may also result in increased attractiveness to the project. The study showed that the correct materials can achieve the expectation such as the toughness and quality of the project. The study also showed that the proper handling of funds, proper methods, and a correct floor plan can lead to the success of the project.



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Alfuente, D. ., Indoy, J., Jacito, K. L. ., Sta Ana, J. ., & Valdoz, A. . (2020). Miniature of Proposed Train from Cubao to Baguio. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from