SPUP Community Extension Services: Degree of Impact and Needs Satisfaction Assessment


  • The Community Development Center (CDC)


St. Paul University Philippines-Community Extension Services (SPUP-CES) has already established a community development program that coordinates all extension and outreach activities and ensures the proper and efficient implementation of programs in partner barangays. Since its inception, it has actively assisted thirty-seven (37) barangays in Cagayan Province. Previous research entitled “Impact of SPUP-CES on the Living Conditions of Some Selected Adopted Communities” was initially conducted. The present study; “SPUP-CES: Degree of Impact and Needs Satisfaction Assessment” seeks to determine the extent of impact and needs satisfaction on the lives of the beneficiaries specifically on the five training programs, namely: Personal Values and Spiritual Formation; Economic Development; Political Development; Socio-Cultural Development and Ecological Development. The instrument used in the conduct of the evaluation was a revised version of the tool used in the 2005 study. Part of the revision was the inclusion of activities and services corresponding to the five training programs for development. The tool was translated in the Ilocano dialect for better understanding and was floated in the eighteen (18) partner barangays. The result showed that the training programs and the accompanying activities and services had been rated “very good” in six barangays; “good” in ten other barangays, while “Needs Improvement” in Two. All of the five training programs namely 1) Personal Values and Spiritual Formation, 2) Economic Development 3) Political Development 4) Socio-cultural Development and 5) Ecological Development were described as “Very Good.” It is significant to note that the Economic Development Program had the least mean of 2.72. In general, SPUP-CES is rated “Very Good” in the degree of impact and needs satisfaction on the eighteen (18) barangays. Moreover, the training programs and all accompanying activities and services need continual improvement to bring about more empowered communities which are self-reliant, self-sustaining and self-governing.



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