PhilHealth – Accredited Primary Birthing Facilities in a Southern Philippine Region: Post Accreditation Status


  • Numeriano Jr. G. Escalante
  • Noreen Pontillas
  • Francis Anthony Marfori
  • Kendrick Canares
  • Cynthia Descallar
  • Karen Yee


Forty primary birthing facilities in Northern Mindanao (Region X) that are accredited by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation are reviewed in this study to determine their post accreditation status. Birthing facility health workers and/or owners were interviewed to obtain profiles and feedbacks on the birthing facilities. Standard instruments of two government agencies and a checklist were the main instruments used for this study, which gathered data through survey interviews with owners or key persons of each birthing facility. Results noted an imbalance of the number of birthing facilities in each province of the region. Many lapses and inadequacies were observed in the birthing facilities in terms of their services, personnel, infrastructure, equipment, and supplies. Birthing facilities were viewed playing an important role, particularly in far-flung municipalities where access to hospitals is difficult thus serving as alternatives to a hospital or home deliveries. Attempt ed to examine the relationship between income class of municipalities and cities on one hand and status of birthing facilities, on the other hand, reveals the income class of the locale of the birthing facilities matters. The income class of the locale is positively associated with a better status of said facilities which is true in most instances in clinical and ancillary services, programs available for clients, infrastructure, physical plant, other physical facilities, environment and logistics, means of transport for the conduct of patients, equipment and materials, etc. Despite positive feedback, the main recommendation of this research is to continuously monitor each birthing facility to ensure that what is required to provide quality care and service to the pregnant mothers and children is not only for accreditation purpose; instead, the provision of the highest quality of care to the patients specifically mothers and children must always be the thrust of each birthing facility.



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Escalante, N. J. G., Pontillas, N. ., Marfori, F. A. ., Canares, K. ., Descallar, C. ., & Yee, K. (2019). PhilHealth – Accredited Primary Birthing Facilities in a Southern Philippine Region: Post Accreditation Status. SPUP International Interdisciplinary Research Conference Journal, 1(1). Retrieved from