Enrolment Management System


  • Annjeannette Alain Dimaya-Galang


Enrolment Management System, Enrolment, Management System


An Enrolment Management System enhances the process of enrolment transaction during enrolment period. It was formulated with specific objectives: to determine the effectiveness of the existing and developed enrolment management system as perceived by the respondents along the following quality characteristics of software: functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, maintainability, and portability; to determine the performance of the existing and developed EMS during enrolment and evaluation process; to determine what features to propose to enhance the effectiveness and performance of the EMS to be developed; to determine if there is a significant difference between the effectiveness of the existing and developed EMS during the enrolment and evaluation process. The Descriptive and Developmental Method of research was used. The respondents were the personnel who have direct stake in the enrolment process. The data used in this study in this study was gathered through the use of interviews, observations and questionnaires. Through the use of percentage formula as the statistical tool, the results were interpreted and analyzed, and the researcher found out that there were various factors that must be considered in developing the system. The result of the study will serve as an advantage to the person-in-charge of the enrolment process. It would provide accurate enrolment results and rapid enrolment transactions during enrolment period. To this end, it is recommended that a comprehensive development program and sound strategies be implemented in order to manage the complexity of the system and to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness. As an improved system design, it will present a user friendly interface. The Enrolment Management System will be made to enhance and speed up the different enrolment transactions and processes.



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