Emerging Paulinian Values from Research Experiences of Undergraduate Nursing Students


  • Jerome Visperas Cleofas


This study also aimed to propose an action plan to improve the CNAHS students’ research experiences. The study utilized a convergence mixed method, action research design. The participants of the study are the 31 student research groups. The instrument used was an online form inquiring about their weekly research-related experiences, and the specific Paulinian values that were realized from those experiences. It used frequency and percentage for quantitative analysis and narrative analysis for the qualitative data. Findings reveal that the Paulinian core value that emerged with the highest frequency from the BSN4 students’ experiences is community (f=256), which is realized during communication and interaction with the stakeholders of research. It is seconded by commitment to mission (f=154), which is recognized when they fulfill both research and academic responsibilities. The core value of charism (f=130) is felt when they face challenges in research while using their unique gifts and aspire to create quality output. Charity (f=82) is manifested when they accept changes and ideas for their research. Finally, from the experiences of praying to God to seek guidance for research emerged the value of Christ-centeredness (f=57).



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