Play-based Kindergarten Worktext


  • Melanie E. Cadingpal


Play-based worktext, kindergarten, learning material development


Friedrich Froebel's Theory of Education explains that “every child should be treated as an individual, and their unique abilities should be encouraged to grow.” This belief founded the growth of kindergarten education, which follows the principle that play-based instruction is an effective and efficient strategy in developing children's different domains of development. Along with these claims, this study surveyed the status of play-based kindergarten instructional materials in the Bagulin District as the basis for developing a Kindergarten Play-based Learner Worktext. The study utilized the descriptive-developmental research design, which involved all the kindergarten teachers in the district. This research adhered to the responsible conduct of research by observing the protocols established at the beginning of the study. A weighted mean was used to treat the data gathered. The findings showed that while Bagulin District possessed highly adaptable and very highly utilized classroom-based instructional materials, these were moderately adequate. Furthermore, these instructional materials are purely for motor skills development, as there was no identified play-based worktext. A validated play-based learning worktext was recommended for the adoption among Kindergarten learners of the Bagulin District for more productive and enhanced learning experiences.



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