Kindergarten Blended Learning Material


  • Francis H. Marzo


kindergarten, blended learning, ADDIE model


With the new normal form of education, school leaders mandate teachers to develop appropriate instructional materials to facilitate learners’ learning and resolve the dilemma of adjusting to the new normal educational system. This study used the descriptive-developmental research design and formulated a blended learning material for kindergarten to adapt to the new normal form of education. The learning material followed the four phases: analysis, design, development, and evaluation based on the ADDIE Model. The Learning Resources Management & Development System (LRMDS) Evaluation Rating Sheet by the Department of Education (DepEd) was also adopted to determine the level of validity and acceptability of the kindergarten blended learning material. There were minimal modifications to the item format to better align with the purpose of the study. The researcher engaged the Department of Education experts for the external evaluations and Union Christian College experts for the learning material’s internal evaluations. The researcher used a weighted mean to ascertain the level of validity and acceptability of the proposed material. Based on the assessment, the different experts found the kindergarten blended learning material very highly valid along with the (a) general soundness of printed materials, (b) social content guidelines, (c) language, (d) layout and format, and (e) non-print materials. Since the blended learning material complied with the developmentally appropriate learning material requirements for kindergarten learners, the researcher highly recommends its adoption for the UCC Preschool for whom it is intended.



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