Factors that Develop Personality of Grade 12 Humanities and Social Sciences Strand Students in Bestlink College of the Philippines


  • Celline Keith Osias
  • Thesa Bautista
  • Nicole Mae Cabaya
  • Pia Mae Juegos
  • Lucy Loi Laus


personality, self-esteem, environment, temperance


Personal development refers to the development of the pattern of behavior, character, and attitudes that make a person distinct. The personality itself occurs by the ongoing temperance and environment. Some factors affect the development of one’s personality. Biological factors include heredity, physical appearance, and maturation rate. The environment is the most significant aspect in developing our personality. All humans live in a society and an interacting group of people, and each of these societies contains a body of language, attitudes/behavior, character, values, goals, and way of thinking. Socializing is the process by which all humans acquire behavior. The child’s first social learning occurs at home, particularly with his mother, which is critical to determine his attitude. Parents who are extremely strict with their children in discovering new things and manipulate their child’s environment will ultimately lead to the child’s dependent attitudes, characters, and behavior. The children who are overprotected tend to become compliant and, occasionally, passive. This chapter reports the findings of a student in determining the factors affecting one’s personality. This study used quantitative research, wherein researchers generate data and results through the use of numbers and scale descriptions of respondents about the factors affecting the development of their personality to have a better understanding of researchers and attain accurate or reliable information given by respondents. Based on the information that we gathered from respondents, students easily get insecure about themselves, thereby causing them to avoid other people and isolate themselves from others. The development of the personality of a child mainly starts with their parents. Lack of parental support results in having low self-esteem of the student because they must be the ones to motivate their children to have a positive personality. Most of the time, friends and associates can also cause damage in building the students’ behavior because of considerable influences that affect the development of one’s personality. Based on the factors that affect the personality development of the student, we come up with some negative results. The researchers discussed some recommendations that the student should do to enhance their personality development. A student must start to think positively because having these thoughts will help them think properly and peacefully. They should be true to themselves because no one will do it for them. Always show a good attitude even when others do not. When you found the good in something, you will find goodness in everything. Through these actions, the student may have a better personality and express behavior that is accepted by society.



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