Effectiveness of Reading Comprehension in Academic Achievement of Selected General Academic Strand Grade 12 Students


  • Melanie Legaspi
  • Alexis Jim Medicilo
  • Roldan Delos Reyes
  • Mark Joseph Navarro
  • Morrisjay Alejandro
  • Geovanni Bernales


comprehension, effectiveness, understanding, evaluating


Reading comprehension is the ability to fully understand what you read in many forms of a text. This is influenced by the readers’ skills and how they process information. Reading comprehension is important to everyone; reading comprehension focuses on comprehending and understanding instead of merely reading a text. Students cannot nowadays understand what they are reading and tend to be clueless about what they read. The researchers conducted this study to know the effectiveness of reading comprehension of Grade 1 students. Quantitative-descriptive research was used. The researchers also used purposive sampling to gather the selected 50 Grade 12 General Academic Strand students. With an overall weighted mean of 3.90 for male respondents and 3.99 for female respondents, both strongly agreed that vocabulary, increasing the level of understanding, and the development of critical thinking is effective in reading comprehension in the academic achievement of the students. Based on the findings of the study and the conclusion drawn, the following recommendations were forwarded. Teachers should introduce the seven cognitive strategies of effective readers and encourage students to become active participants and proficient readers by incorporating instructional activities and strategies. A teacher should also stress the importance of self-questioning to be aware; believe in the importance of self-questioning strategy to enhance reading comprehension achievement; continually practice generating high-order questions before, during, and after the reading process; activate the students’ skills in regulating, monitoring, and evaluating their cognitive in comprehending the reading text more critically. Applying reading strategies in a group discussion during reading class was also recommended to make students get used to applying the strategies. Ensure that students have the proper background knowledge to make sense of the text, widen their vocabulary so that they have an advantage in everything when it comes to academics, help them understand everything that they are studying not merely reading it without analyzing and evaluating because they will not understand it well.



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