“Level of Self-Esteem of BSHM Students and Its Effect on Academic Performance.”

Vol.4, No.1


  • Rizalyn Icaro Bestlink College of the Philippines


Hospitality Management


Self-esteem is important for students' academic track as it shows that they have faith in
themselves and are confident in their skills and judgment. It is defined as a positive outlook on
oneself and the outside world that inspires courageous actions driven by respect for oneself.
According to Cicero, one's ability to trust oneself is essential to success. Vince Lombardi, a
sports legend, emphasized that confidence is contagious and is the key to success. As BSHM
students, we address the issue of low self-esteem to assist other students in increasing their

The researchers found out that the school program is highly effective with a 3.56 composite
mean; the career program is highly effective with a 3.65 composite mean, and the major
subject is effective with 3.47 CM, which is only effective in students’ self-esteem. Attendance
is highly effective, with a 3.60 composite mean. Activities are also highly effective, with a 3.58
composite mean. The level of self-esteem and academic performance of BSHM students
have no significant relationship, with self-esteem having an R-value of -0.166 and a t-stat
value of -0.68 with a p-value of.506225.

Schools should provide incentives, professors should allow late students, students should
have time management skills, and their family should be their source of self-esteem.



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