Development of Hydroponics by Using PH Level and Water Temperature, as well as Micro-Controller and Sensor Devices


  • James Albert Olaso
  • Jenybie Membreve
  • Jerrico Monzales
  • John Denver Oyong
  • Robert Ed Palmero
  • Rosalie Galang


Hydroponics, pH level, water temperature, temperature, humidity, urban farming


Urban farming is not popular in the Philippines, thereby increasing the prices of the vegetables because of the time needed to transport the goods from a rural farm into the market. Vegetables would cost even higher when a middleman is used. The vegetables are not even fresh when the goods reached the market. Hence, the consumers eat vegetables that are not less healthy than those acquired in the garden in rural areas. These problems seek a solution by undertaking different ways to supply foods even if the land is not that conducive for farming. Some of these problems may cost considerably, which can increase the difficulty of having a return on investment due to several aspects. The methodology used in this research was design sprint methodology, which was used to measure and validate the performance of the proposed design project. The product design process was done in small iteration to allow all ideas to be checked regularly and changed if necessary. This approach led to the instant improvement of the product. Lettuce was observed and monitored daily, and the ranges for pH and water temperature were controlled. Lettuce grows considerably fast in hydroponics, and the researchers could harvest it in only 25 days. The temperature of the greenhouse was hard to control because the humidity in Metro Manila was low in the afternoon. Thus, the result of the plant is not what the researchers wanted, but the main purpose of the design project is still accomplished. The results showed that hydroponics was a much faster way of farming than a traditional farm. Hydroponics is also a way of farming that is well-suited in urban places. Making the application of hydroponics into a business can also benefit the user itself. However, the parameters needed for a plant must still be put into much consideration because its result can affect the growth of plants grown in hydroponics.



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