Windmill as Water and Energy Source from Underground


  • Jo Arch Calugtong
  • James Macaranas
  • Shaira Myrene Roque
  • Mary Anne Barrera
  • Jezielyn Ferol
  • Rodolfo Deducin
  • Earl Asuncion


energy, water, windmill


At present, water supply is a huge problem for several families and individuals in the Philippines. Several families cannot afford clean water from our nature, thereby leaving them no choice to use polluted water. Using polluted water can cause diseases, contribute to pollution, and cause death. In addition to having a price hike of water, the water supply in the country continues to decrease. This study focuses on using an improvised windmill as the main component of the water supply. The mentioned windmill will able to supply water for us, which is found in the underground that can be used drinking water and cleaning purpose. This study utilized quantitative research methods of the study. Purpose sampling is composed of 10 mechanical engineers and 10 electrical engineers. The instrument used in this study was a questionnaire. Part 1 of the questionnaire included the profile of the respondents, while part 2 of the questionnaire consisted of the criteria in assessing the acceptability of windmill as a water and energy source. Part 3 of the questionnaire consisted of suggestions formulated by the respondents to test the acceptability of the windmill. The questionnaires were distributed to the respondents to assess the level of acceptability of the windmill. The researchers decided to use windmill as the main water supply and source of water and energy. The windmill can supply water and energy of capacity to store manures. After conducting a considerable number of trial-and-error, the researchers conducted an extensive reading and concluded that the water supply was improved. The researcher had to use a windmill. The researchers conducted a test to determine whether the water supply is enough, and it came from a windmill that can handle a water supply. Windmill is one of the high-quality water supplies that are being used for waters.



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