Management Style in Running a Small Food Business in Sauyo Bagbag Novaliches: Basis for Strategies Management Plan

Vol.4, No.1


  • Shaira Faith Bolledo Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Jeric Paul Cantiga Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Prince Earl Lawrence Deniega Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Ken Kaede Fronda Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Lex Christian Galado Bestlink College of the Philippines


Business Administration


Effective management results in improved economic productivity, which in turn serves to
raise human well-being. By preventing resource wasting, good management makes
challenging work simpler. The quality of life is raised. Fostering job prospects that produce
revenue in the hands improves the profit, which is advantageous to the company and
society. New items and societally helpful studies are produced by the organization. It
coordinates the production variables, assembles and arranges the resources, and integrates
the resources effectively to accomplish goals. It focuses teamwork on achieving pre-
established objectives. There would be no loss of time, money, or effort by clearly outlining
the organization’s goals. Management transforms unorganized human, financial, and
technological resources into productive business. These resources are managed, directed,
and coordinated in a way that helps the business achieve its objectives. It uses specialists
and professionals whose services enable the effective exploitation of their talents and
expertise while minimizing waste. There is no underuse of any resource if workers and
equipment are operating at their optimum capacity. With careful preparation, minimal input

Based on the study, the proposed output of management styles of an owner in running a
small food business above cite and help convenience store improve, and recognized to get
more consumers in terms of Product Cost – It helps the consumer products. Management
styles are more about serving consumers or customers with low-cost products or services
without spending too much cash. Distribution Service – It helps a convenience store to get
more buyers and persuade retail buyers to shift to management styles for running a small
food business.

This study aimed to determine the effects of hybrid learning modality on the budgets of
families in Novaliches Quezon City. Purposive sampling was employed at Novaliches
Quezon City. The researchers used a quantitative research design through survey
questionnaires. It was figured out that hybrid learning affected the budget of the families in
Novaliches Quezon City, which does not fit their different expenses and needs. This study
recommended putting cooperatives in every Barangay in Novaliches.



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