The Level of Satisfaction of the Customer of Mr. D.I.Y at Ever Gotesco Mall: A Basis for Improving Customer Intervention Program

Vol.4, No.1


  • Ma Sarah Vital Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Joshua Abogadie Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Romel Gudio Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Jade Romualdo Bestlink College of the Philippines


Business Administration


Nowadays, Filipinos, especially millennials and younger generations, are interested in
different kinds of products that offer lower prices and good quality. Mr. D.I.Y is a retail chain
that offers a comfortable and enjoyable family shopping experience. It has an average floor
space of 10,000 square feet and offers ten categories of products with an average of 18,000
varieties in each store. Mr. D.I.Y focuses on improving customer retention by providing
excellent service and satisfaction. However, some problems, such as inventory
management, product placement, and lack of employee knowledge, have been identified,
which could negatively impact customer satisfaction. Therefore, Mr. D.I.Y must synchronize
inventory levels, maintain store cleanliness, train staff, and provide consistent quality and
service to retain customers.
The respondents were 18-24 years old, both male and female, employed. 2.1 The
description of male and female groups of respondents assesses the customer level of
satisfaction. “Very Strongly Agree” in terms of the Unique way of serving customers and the
way welcoming the customer appreciated was presented to the customers. “Strongly Agree”
Fast process of servicing and good communication of the employee to the customers. 3. The
difference between the assessment of the 2 SOPs serving multiple customers “1st rank” 4.
The hindrances experienced by the customers and the solution offered by the owner the
highest rank from males in “Serving multiple customers” and “shortage of the product” 5. The
customer retention program suggests offering incentives like discounts and exclusive access
to events, personalized communication, customer surveys, branded gifts, and exclusive
Moreover, MR.DIY recognizes the importance of sustainability and corporate social
responsibility, implementing various initiatives to reduce waste, conserve energy, and
support local communities. In conclusion, MR.DIY has emerged as a dominant player in the
retail industry, providing affordable, diverse, and high-quality products to millions of
customers. Its customer-centric approach, wide range of products, affordable pricing
strategy, and technological innovation have positioned it for future growth, making it a brand
to watch in Southeast Asia.



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