Development of OBE-based teaching guides for the teacher education courses


  • Agripina B. Maribbay, PhD


Outcomes-based education (OBE), OBE framework, teacher education, teacher training


With its end of facilitating the implementation of OBE in teacher
education institutions (TEIs), the project aimed at developing outcomesbased
education (OBE) teaching guides for teacher education courses.
This paper specifically provides frameworks, specifically the Project
Proposal Framework and the SPUP-OBE Framework which served as
guides in coming up with the desired output. The Project Proposal
Framework particularly details the processes to be undertaken in the
development of the teaching guides while the SPUP-OBE Framework
provides the content for the teaching guides. Furthermore, it presents
the specific methods for the teachers’ training on the principles and
standards of OBE, the development of OBE-based teaching guides,
the logical framework of the proposed teaching guide, the monitoring
and evaluation plan, and the dissemination plan. This method includes
the design, scope, tools, and analytical procedures for the specific
processes involved.



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