Open Source Education Platform for Grade 5


  • Violeta Villano-Julio


Open-Source Educational Platform, Bagulin District, Remote Learning


The COVID-19 pandemic drives schools to use Open-Source Educational Platforms as they greatly help maintain quality education. This situation encouraged educators worldwide to promote the development and modification of educational platforms. As an educator, the researcher conducted this study to assess the status of an open-source educational platform of a specified school as to adequacy, utility, adaptability, and relevance of the curriculum. The study utilized a developmental design. The respondents were grade 5 teachers in the Bagulin District, as they are knowledgeable about open-source educational platforms for grade 5 pupils in the district. To gather data from the respondents, questionnaires were handed to them. Evaluation tools were also given to the members of the panel for validation. The statistical results showed that the open-source educational platform for grade 5 pupils in Bagulin District was highly relevant in the curriculum. Unfortunately, online educational resources were poorly utilized. The school websites that the pupils can access and download resources were not also adequate. These results imply that teachers need to create or design more online open-source educational platforms to address the needs of learners. Alibangsay Elementary School Library through Kolibri, an open-source educational platform specially designed to provide offline access, was then created to help learners learn better during this pandemic time.



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