Tap Jam


  • Nathaniel Ignacio
  • Wilriche Daisy Agustin
  • Jesse Dwayne Saunar
  • Allen Maiko Bayer
  • Kenjie Relao
  • Charles Delizo
  • Chermillejane Aguinaldo
  • Cherrel Ignacio


jam, tomato, alugbati, pomelo, feasibility study


Jam can be a combination of fruits and vegetables preserved by sugar, and innovation can be made in the form of a tomato, alugbati (Indian Spinach) and pomelo pulp (TAP) jam. These three mentioned fruits and vegetables are abundant in La Union and have been linked to many health benefits. In this study, the researchers aimed to find out how it can be innovated into a feasible product which will be the basis in the formulation of a community-based activity. This study made use of the feasibility method of research. The participants of the study are representatives of students, teachers and parents distributed proportionally. A survey questionnaire modified based on Allitteg (2014) was used as the main data gathering tool in this study. Both descriptive and inferential statistics were used to interpret the findings of this study. The TAP Jam is Very Highly accepted. Among the three groups of respondents, parents gave a higher rating of the TAP Jam. The students rated aroma as the highest. On the other hand, teachers and community-respondents rated texture and appearance as the highest among the other indicators respectively. The taste was rated lowest by the three groups of respondents. Moreover, it was found out that there is no significant difference in the level of acceptability of the appearance, taste, and texture of the Jam as rated by the three groups of respondents. In contrast, it was also found out that there is a significant difference in the level of acceptability of the aroma of the jam as rated by the three groups of respondents. The TAP JAM is highly favorable to the respondents in almost all indicators, however, the sample has a little bitter taste that most respondents rated it as lowest. Based on the research, most people often buy foods based on the appearance because expectations on the taste of the product come with its appearance. The result of the study shows that regardless of their group and age category, all of the respondents considered it to be highly acceptable in terms of appearance, taste, and texture. In contrast, the respondents; perception of the aroma of the jam varies. This supports the findings that perception of flavor and aroma changes with age (Rawson, 2003) and the sense smell decreases as age increases (Medlineplus, 2019).



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Nathaniel Ignacio, Wilriche Daisy Agustin, Jesse Dwayne Saunar, Allen Maiko Bayer, Kenjie Relao, Charles Delizo, Chermillejane Aguinaldo, & Cherrel Ignacio. (2019). Tap Jam. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Union Christian College Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Abstracts, 2(1). Retrieved from https://ojs.aaresearchindex.com/index.php/aasguccphjmra/article/view/510