Student Satisfaction on School Services


  • Rowena W. Galangco
  • Teofilo B. Damoco
  • Allen B. Alberca
  • Florence B. Mateo


student satisfaction, school services, Union Christian College


In this era of competition, service-oriented institutions have to keep pace with the changing milieu to be able to be on top and gain prosperity. Educational institutions are not exempted to this competition, since students often choose schools which they believe offer the best service quality they can avail of. The results of this study indicates a clear manifestation on the degree by which students of Union Christian College were satisfied in terms of the service quality in the different dimensions the school was offering them. Firstly, the results showed that students were moderately satisfied in all the dimensions where assurance was rated highest. This was to indicate that the students gained more confidence on the knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and confidence to the students. Secondly, the SWOT analysis indicates that the UCC personnel serve the students very well in areas such tangibility and assurance; opportunities are provided for the UCC personnel to better improve and serve better their students and clients, while the school has to work on its information and communication technology to eradicate the perceived threat in the school operation.



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Galangco, R. W. ., Damoco, T. B. ., Alberca, A. B. ., & Mateo, F. B. . (2018). Student Satisfaction on School Services. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Union Christian College Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Abstracts, 1(1). Retrieved from