Navigating Uncharted Waters


  • Crisel Quiban Costales
  • Joan Gabuat Estabillo
  • Thessa Mhea Rinon Fontanilla
  • Joan De Guzman Edurese
  • Lyka Jacusalem Dalilis
  • Fatima A. Carsola, PhD


Onsite learning, challenges, nursing student


The online learning model is the most flexible amid face-to-face limitations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, a doorway to education has reopened because the government has permitted schools to conduct a limited number of face-to-face or onsite classes in a few areas of the Philippines.

The Ethics Review Board reviewed and approved the application of the Thematic Analysis. The data gathering from the subjects stopped when the saturation point was met, which means no more information had been added to the data. This study resulted in three major themes: (1) Surviving the Storm which posed significant challenges and difficulties for students, (2) Charting the Course served as a metaphorical representation of the journey undertaken by random nursing students in their onsite learning, (3) Stirring the Seas their immersive experience enhances practical skills development and promotes a sense of communication skills.


Theme 1 navigates nursing students' experiences to their return to onsite learning after the pandemic, positively impacting the sub-themes: The Turbulent Waters, The Hopeful Journey Back, and The Rough Seas. Theme 2 explored the representation of nursing students in their learning experience, involving deliberate planning and direction, that posed their sub-themes: The Journey of Skills Development and the Adventure of Learning Experience. On the other hand, Theme 3 explored the direct interaction with clinical instructors and peers. The findings further explained how the "Navigating Uncharted Waters" metaphor fittingly describes the onsite learned experience for random nursing students. Like sailors embarking on a voyage in unfamiliar territories, these students navigate unexplored territories of knowledge and practical skills.



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